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There is a provision in section 244A(2) by which a taxpayer is deprived of interest on refund for any noticeable defects or omissions in the return . Thus he would lose interest for the period taken in removing such defects. 


For instance a wrong filing of TDS may result in excess assessment or lower credit of TDS thus desiring a rectification upon filing corrections by the deductor. In the situation therefore the time taken in filing corrections which if go past the original date of filing of return would  mean loss of interest on any sum refundable on account of such corrections.  The Kerala High Court in three bench order in (2022) 444ITR 599 holds that the assessee is not entitled to interest for the period taken by the assessee for curing the defects or omissions in the return or in the annexures filed with the return. This has been the case of surplus tax deducted at source by the deductors and the certificates issued thereto carried defects in them.


The Kerala High Court in (2016) 389ITR449 also held that it is the duty of the assessee/deductee to get the defects cured if the same is noticeable at the time of receipt. 


These days TDS is matched online with AIS/TIS/26AS statements and any mismatch could be detrimental to the interest of the deductee who in his own interest must match it well before filing return of income. 

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