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Destination wedding are not uncommon these days some of which are quite on a fat scale.

In the run up of such marriages often the expenses are shared between bride and bridegroom side. In one such case reported at 103ITR (Trib) (SN) 10 the bride side were to face a search on account of large scale marriage event. Loose sheets were secured by search party during search which narrated marriage expenses incurred most of which were in cash.

The assessee managed to obtain confirmation from the bridegroom side for 50% sharing of expenses so that she were to explain only the remaining 50%.

In this cases the sources of income returned from her legal profession were barely 4.5 lacs while marriage expenses incurred were ten times to the tune of 45 plus lacs so did this explain the search undertaken.

Therefore Bride parents who decide to go for big fat weddings in sharing model may upfront make a proper account of expenses and also procure a confirmation from the bridegroom side in their side of explanation of expenses incurred on such weddings.

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